Thursday, December 19, 2013

It was our really big beach day - well, not intentionally.

We started by heading off to the surfing beach at 9:30 - but it really was a beginner beach.  No one actually had to paddle, you waited for a swell and then stood up on the 12' board you rented from the surf shack....needless to say the two shorter boards we own, were not meant for that.  Spence then stepped on something sharp and cut his foot - so we were done.

I took him home, put his leg up and told him to let me know if it swells or turns red...all good though.

I turned back around and headed out to the beach to meet up with grama, grampa & auntie and then stayed for a few hours to get some sun.

When I got home, we chilled and then headed off to the dive shop to get the gear we will need for tomorrow and then off to Maui Tacos for supper.  When we got home, I packed all our gear for tomorrow and found out my dive socks went missing - which is a bummer as I love those socks - they fit and it is hard to fit my little feet.  So I had to get a pair of socks which are way too big but were the smallest the dive shops carry - not what I need, but it'll have to do.

All packed for tomorrow, pics loaded up on facebook and now it's time to get a bit of work done before my midnight conf call with a client.

supper - 2 tacos + taquito platter - for Spence

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