Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I will load up pics once I can - my computer decided it no longer wanted to read SD cards....and the internet, although up and running now can only handle one program at a time accessing the internet - so it's still really spotty.

Yesterday, I had a great time on the kayak tour, we did turtle town and saw about 4 or 5 turtles lined up getting a cleaning from the cleaner fish and we saw another 15 or 20 turtles milling about.  We saw a manta breach close to us, but then it took off before we could get in the water to see it properly.  The whole time we were snorkeling we heard the wales and saw the spouts way out - it was a very cool kayak / snorkel trip - highly recommend it.  It's a really easy paddle and snorkel.

It was around 10:30 when we were done and I headed home to make sure Spence was up - he was.  Yesterday, he decided it was a stay at home day (pool/beach), but the cable guy came at 10:30 and so by the time I arrived, Spence had the guy working on the internet connection.

He sorta got it fixed - well as fixed as it was going to get for a 2008 router (which they did not replace).  So now we have spotty internet from two devices and so we have basic access - I still can't get onto my client's citrix server to do work, but at least I can log into their mail server once in a while and I've sent out an email saying I will be able to answer questions when I have access.

So once the internet on that was fixed, my 2nd device blew up and is being replaced - it's spotty now too....and to top it off my computer decided it was time to break down too - so the SD card went on it, for some reason it is using all 16gb of memory to access the calendar, so I can't actually open any programs on the computer without it rebooting - I'm off today to the Apple store as they couldn't fix the problem after almost 3 hours on support with Apple.

So today will be the beach/pool day once I come back from my Apple appointment :)

Last night we decided to try out Maui Tacos and really liked the meals we ordered and we'll go back at least once more during the trip.

Other than that, we'll prep for our dive tomorrow by getting all our gear in our bags again and making sure we're ready to go.

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