Friday, December 27, 2013

Had a terrific 2nd to last day in Maui today - grama & grampa took us to a secluded snorkeling spot - a marine preserve (Ahihi) which was calm and clear.  We snorkel'd for about 30 or so minutes and got some fantastic pics.

Once done snorkeling I drove James back to the condo, checked w Spence about coming to Big Beach and then since he didn't feel like coming - I left to join grama, grampa and auntie.

While I sat getting as much sun as humanly possible before I leave, James and Spence went for lunch and figured out their week - which will include several beach dives, a boat dive, snorkeling, shopping and potentially some paintball and a movie - a week filled with activities now that Spence has had a week of rest :)

Once home, Spence continued to chill and I started my packing.  When dinner came around, we all headed to the sushi joint we had selected and it was pretty good - the company was good and the amount we ordered was just about enough.  I had left over tofu, but knocked it to the ground when I opened the back door to the truck...spilled on the ground and me - thank goodness it was white and left no major stains.

We then headed off to the mall for some last minute shopping for me, some ice cream for grama and some window shopping for everyone else.  I managed to score a nice grocery bag for my collection and three nice button down shirts, which are tailor fit and will look great in my collection of work shirts.

We came home and I packed a bit more before Spence and I decided it was time to watch some anime together - a new series he has for us, which is really interesting - but as it's in Japanese, you have to be reading the entire thing and not do other stuff.

I managed to check in too after rebooting the router twice - but can't print my boarding pass as I have no printer and it wouldn't send me the bar code for my phone - if nothing else, I can have them print the pass when I get to the airport tomorrow night.

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