Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dr. Who for Ottafest 2013
So Spence decided on Dr. Who - we got the stuff together and Spence got organized for this morning.  We left around lunch and he was at the festival until 4pm.  He got lots of pictures taken with him - which was a bonus and he got a bunch of posters.

I went to Trail Appliance in the meantime to hunt down a stove solution.  I was still debating what to do - move to a slide in range solution and live with that or get a transition stove which I'll sell when I'm ready to renovate the kitchen.  The sales guy was great and helped me decide - so I ended up with an induction, double oven + warming drawer freestanding stove at half off.  So now I get to try the induction before committing permanently and I get to try a warming drawer to see if I even ever use it....and it has all sorts of functions my current 25 yr old stove doesn't have and the bonus - it's 350 kWh/year v almost 900 kWh/year with my old one....wait 25 yrs and the energy efficiency really gets good.  

Came home with Spence after stove was purchased and then after feeding the pets, left for dinner out with a group of folks at a Lebanese place in Marda Loop.  Poor waitress - 32 vegetarians ascend on a small restaurant that also serves meat :)  and they were short staffed.  The food was really good and the service was good - even though they were short 2 front staff and had an event tonight.  I would go back for sure and brought Spence a chicken wrap from them.

Then it was off to do some billings and work as work waits for no one :)

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