Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Boat Dive Day

I was up at 4:45am to get ready for our dive and Spence was up at 5am.  We had a quick light breakfast and headed out to the boat ramp down the street.  We handed over our gear and they replaced our BCD hoses with an integrated secondary breathing apparatus and BCD hose - very cool.

It was as advertised - the fastest boat - we left shortly after 6am with 3 other boats and were the first to arrive.  We had taken anti-nausea pills, but the waves were virtually non-existent until we arrived at Molokini.  We added some wrist straps and gum to the mix and that helped.  We dove the wall - which was a surprise for me as I thought we'd be doing the crater with so many divers who had not dove in years - but with 1 instructor, 2 dive masters and only 8 passengers - it was more than safe.  We had hired Toby to be our guide and it was well worth it.  Toby was great, he made sure all our gear was on right, helped us back onto the boat, took care of rinsing everything - great guy.

We dove the wall, which was a drift dive and had a bottom of 300' - we stayed at no more than 70' and we typically hovered about 50'.  We saw white tip sharks (3-4) they are TINY - subway sandwich length.  We saw the regular tropical fish, schools, etc - lots of coral, crabs, etc - great dive.

We surfaced with 800 psi - Spence and I suck air at the same rate, so all good - poor Toby had lots of air left and probably could have dived all day.

We then headed over to the St. Anthony which was in 80' of water and it was also a blast - turtle, a spotted eel, another diver saw a manta ray, lots of fish of course.  We entered the wreck at the back, looked around inside and in all the crevices and then headed up the front hatch and then headed into the wheel house which was open on all sides and very cool.  We dove to the bottom of the wreck which is on rubber tires/cement artificial reef and that was neat, because it's now 30 yrs into being a reef and the marine life is thriving on it.  We found a sand dollar - biggest one I've ever seen and once we hit 30 minutes, we headed up for our 3 minute stop and then off to the surface.

We had hot showers available - I took advantage as I was freezing once on top, and then once dry and in warm clothing (parka came in handy today) we headed back to the boat ramp.

Great dive, great company - will definitely use these guys again (Scuba Shack) when we dive again. Spence said he's good for boat dives now, but I might go one more time if I can get on a boat before I leave.

Once home, we had lunch and then I took a nap after getting a new SD card (my camera's SD card split apart after many years of use) and tonight we head out with grama, grampa and auntie for pizza.

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