Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yesterday I got a surprise knock on the door at was the joist repair guys.  They had been told by their boss, Tuesday and I had Wednesday on my calendar.  Thank goodness I had everything prepped.

They worked on the joists - they are soooo good now.  they added supports all over the place.  I am hoping to start boxing in the new pipes in the garage so I can drywall this coming week.  I put up temporary drywall so the cat couldn't get into the pipe areas and the garage.

In the meantime, Spence got up and we headed off to PE and then after we got home, I grabbed Karma from daycare and worked on making supper for all of us - Spence had left over Edo Japan and the pups and I had creamed potatoes with peas and onions and I had some veggie burgers and they had some canned stew to go with it.

Spence took off with his dad to ski for a bit at COP and said he had a terrific time even though the snow sucked.  The boys plan to head out tonight and maybe Tammy's girls will join them.

Today it's a regular school day, so no big plans other than school and skiing for Spence tonight.

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