Thursday, November 07, 2013

Spencer's October Essay - Chapter 1 of a short story

Chapter 1
Spencer Dahl
November 7, 2013

My name is Jason and this is a documentation of the events that transpired when I was 16, but I need to explain what happened before in order to explain what's going on now.  When I was a kid maybe six years old we had to stay at my grandma and grandpas house, my mom, dad and me where all sleeping in the bedroom in the basement when suddenly I woke up.

I heard a voice calling out to me from outside the door.  Looking around I realized that no one was in the room with me, I was sure that my mom and dad wouldn’t both leave me in the room alone... I called out “mom… dad… you here?”, then a voice shattered through my thoughts I could hear it louder this time “come up stairs”.

Not knowing what to do I walked out the door my eyes had just gotten used to the lack of light, looking around I saw nothing out of the ordinary.  My Grandpa’s office was across from me and the room with the heater in it was to the right.  I could feel the fear slowly starting to engulf me and then I heard it again, “Come up stairs” this time it sounded more demanding and impatient so not knowing what to do I started to creep up there stairs.  Each step felt like it was talking a little too long and like the fear was getting worse as I climbed up, I called out one more time “mom... dad.. you here?” no response.

Then I reached the top step I could hear the voice again this time it sound like it was in my head booming through my mind, “please take your seat and prepare to begin the test” not knowing what to do and with the fear getting worse by the second I started wandering towards the lounge area.  I looked around and couldn’t seem to find where the voice was.  As I passed by the chair in the lounge I had a sudden urge to sit down, once I did I heard the voice again, “please pick up your pencil and prepare to begin the test”.  Next thing I knew it was morning and I was still sitting in that chair looking around.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, suddenly I heard two voices calling out my name when I turned around I saw my mom and dad running up the stairs and then...I blacked out.

Eight years later, on the night of January the 12th I was hanging out with my friends at Mac’s, we were having a sleepover and I was enjoying my normal life.  I had forgotten about that night which was probably for the best, the two friends I was with were Baker and Josh, Baker was a really nice guy but not really willing to ever stand up for himself, where as Josh was out spoken and would stand up for not only himself but his friends or his little brother, now here’s where it starts.

We were in the Mac's trying to figure out which energy drink to buy, when it started to get colder. I figured that it was just me and I was probably just getting a chill or something, but then I heard Josh interrupt me, ”hey guys, do you feel that chill too or is that just me” I said “yeah I feel it, but don't try and change the subject, I still think we should get”.....a huge explosion stopped me half way through my sentence, the building shook underneath us, we dropped everything and ran outside to see what was going on.

What we saw, was two men staring each other down and several large pieces of ice which almost looked like spears sticking out of the ground between them.  The man on the left of me was wearing a trench coat and had it open, despite the fact that it was -18c.  He had black hair that went down to his shoulders and  blue almost white eyes that matched the weather.  The man he was across from looked beaten up, he had a cut right above his left eye with blood running down it.  He was wearing a uniform of some type, it didn’t look like it was a Canadian Army uniform, and he looked to be in his 30’s so its not like he was going to a private school.

Then the man in the trench coat spoke “just give it up Jarard, there’s no way you're going to make it out of this alive” the man across from him who must have been Jarard said “you think that I'm just going to let you kill me, no I’m going out with a bang”.  He lifted his hand into a thumbs up, and started to slowly turn it down like he was the Emperor in a Roman coliseum about to sentence someone to death.  Then I noticed it, as it came about halfway down, a small red button sticking out of the top of his grip, so I yelled “watch out theres a trigger in his hand”.

Jarard hearing me yell, turned his head towards me in surprise; just for a second, but it was enough time that the guy in the trench coat lifted his hand, and then there was a flash and Jarard slumped to the ground with a giant icicle sticking out of his forehead.  The blood trickled down his head onto the icicle turning it red and the trigger rolled away from his hand.

“This is team S, mission complete, target has been neutralized reporting in.  One, maybe two, witnesses.”  Something seemed wrong about what he had just said, there was three of us, not only one maybe two witnesses to that murder...but now wasn’t the time to think about that.  I had seen enough tv to know that witnesses to a murder were nearly always killed next, so I broke out into a sprint and Josh followed my lead.  He was close behind me, we were running as fast as we could, we were getting closer to the corner then I heard shouting from behind me.  I realized it was Baker “guys wait up, why are we running?” 

Both Josh and I stopped dead in our tracks.  I looked over on to the street and saw the man walking at a fast pace towards us, my mind started racing “there was no way that Josh and I were the only two who saw that, cuz Baker would have said something during that fight if he wasn’t seeing it; so it makes no sense.  If I remember right, the man did say two, not three and he used an icicle, so maybe he did something that was suppose to freeze us but it didn’t work.  In that case, he’s probably about to kill us”.  I looked at Josh and he looked like he had figured out the same thing, we bolted around the corner, we could try and explain this to Baker later, but not now, we knew we should run.

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