Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Spencer is still sick, but hopefully getting better - he has reduced his meds and is hoping that he can just continue to get better if we make sure he takes it easy.

So we did school - math, reading, printing, essay, spelling - skipped drums (too loud on stuffed and hurting head) .... now he's chilling with his buddies.

James will be by tonight so they have have a chill night together.

I in the meantime am trying to fix my updated mac....the new updates broke more than they fixed - ended up getting a new ipad mini this afternoon (probably a coincidence - but still), my email program is still not working right, so I've purchased outlook to work as a backup email program....hoping mac get's the mail stuff fixed soon.

Still have tones of work to do, so I'll be doing that tonight along with a few chores.

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