Saturday, November 02, 2013

So yesterday Spence was still sick, but well enough to play some video games - so we compromised.  He did school but no activities (that would avoid getting anyone else sick) and he got to play some video games between resting and getting his hair cut.

We chilled and had spaghetti for supper and I had to take Karma to the vet as I wasn't sure if she ate some broken glass or not .... then some pumpkin for her tummy along with bread and meds.

We woke up today and Karma is looking good, so maybe I had caught the only glass she had or the rest was so small that the pumpkin and meds did their job.  I had the last plumber come in for a quote to fix stuff and now I'm going to work on supper - Indian tonight and some chores.

Spence is still under the weather but better as the pasta stayed down last night and he said he's up for Indian.

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