Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well both Spence and I seem to still be a bit under the weather, but not much.  School was PE and he went without complaining (mainly b/c Bailey was there) :) and after school I had stopped in Payless and saw a pair of boots that will work for his costume, so we stopped in and found a pair that fit.  Happy Happy.

We got home and he chilled for an hour before his dad came to grab him for their night together, I did a bit of work and then went to pick Karma up before making stir fry for me and I picked up a can of stew for the pups.

Today is a regular school day - but I'm letting Spence sleep in a bit as I have a meeting first thing this morning and then we'll do school when I get back.  Today is the regular stuff - math, reading, printing, essay, spelling, drums, etc.  He's going out with his dad again today as his dad is off with his g/f and her children after that for a family vacation.

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