Sunday, October 06, 2013

Today the animals let me sleep in till nearly 10am - which was awesome as I really needed it.  My cold is still here, although the ear ache is thankfully gone.  Spence seems to have the start of the cold as well, so hoping this week he is good for his PE class, etc.

I decided it was time to start the baking process for Xmas and I missed having the house smell like baked goods.  Today was pop tarts, cream cheese cookies stuffed with Nutella and french toast sticks.  I was going to make some cake too, but was feeling done by then.

Spence wanted to go buy a video game that was on sale at Best Buy and I had a coupon - so we paid $5 for the video game :)  I also wanted to get a new little box (so we have two) and I wanted one where Karma wouldn't be able to stick her head into and eat the cat litter - she just likes the taste of the cat little brand we bought - ick!

We got home and I continued with laundry, made some matzo ball soup to go with supper, rice and we bought udon noodles to do a stir fry with later on tonight.  Not a bad end to a weekend.

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