Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spence slept over at his dad's last night and the animals let me sleep in till nearly 10am - then I got swatted on the head a few times and it was time to get up.

Today was another baking day - madeleines and lemon saffron cookies (which didn't turn out) and I discovered my oven's timer no longer works...almost burnt the madeleines.

Spence came home after lunch and after changing and chatting with his buddies headed over to Jacob's - I got a text near supper - let's all go to Kinjo's - so off we went and then I dropped them off at Jacob's again and I was told I'd be bothered at 3am when they do their Mac's run :)

Not a bad day today, hoping tomorrow is as good or better - finally the cold seems to be letting up - let's hope it's on it's way out.

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