Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It will be a busy day today - we have a meet/greet with Spencer's new doc, his pediatrician finally kicked him out as a patient, saying he was too old.  Then it's off to PE and Bailey and then home.

James was sick yesterday, so we traded nights and he'll be taking Spence out tonight if he's feeling better.

Karma had her 2nd agility class last night and has got pole weaving down pat, doesn't much like the a-frame as it is pretty shaky.  She has the stay and go to target command down most times - and because she has to think, she's been so tired after the hour of work that she pretty much becomes a big Karma puddle when we get in the car and stays that way all night.  Don't try and move her or she'll growl :)

Today is daycare day, so I expect a super tired dog when I come to pick her up :)

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