Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Had the HVAC guy come out today - I think this is going to be expensive.  The original duct move that I want isn't pricey, but the new furnace and hot water tank are and he suggested that I replace the furnace before the duct work otherwise I have to redo the duct work when I put in the new furnace - and the hot water tank was scheduled for this year, so I knew that was going to have to get done.  At the end though, I'll have a new hot water tank that won't die on me in the middle of winter and a furnace that works for this space.

In school news - Spence did his math, reading, printing and spelling then fessed up to only doing a page on his essay which is due in 2 I told him he better get at it as it has to be ready to be posted by the first week of he went to work on it before grama comes for their date.

Grama and Spence are off to see a movie and then kiddo is having dinner with James and his folks and probably Tammy and her girls - though not sure.  

In the meantime I'm off to a client meeting this afternoon and then to the bank to sign off on Spencer's RESP renewal and finally home with the pups to figure out what we'll have for supper....lots of left overs that still have to be eaten.

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