Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yesterday and today are final demo days while Dave is here.  We created the hole for the living room ceiling fan and he's wired it up.  I've made progress removing the bulkhead drywall in the livingroom leaving only the frame in as many places as possible.  Next steps will be to replace existing steel ducting with flexible materials and reroute the HVAC in this area.

Dave is leaving today for the coast and I'll continue slowly pulling apart walls, etc and getting ready to instal the new fireplace sometime before spring.

Spence has taken his clothing and suitcase from his holidays to his room and I've finished doing my laundry, so today I hope to get a few more things put away and have Spence put his clean laundry away.

Tomorrow is the start of school & work for both Spence and I - so we're trying to make sure we finish up all our chores before then.

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