Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well it was busy - but for the wrong reasons today.

I had a 6am conference call, but my phone didn't work and after almost an hour, turns out none of our phones were working - all on Rogers and Rogers was down this morning and on top of that my hardware refused to work and froze .... so I ended up canceling my client meeting today, so I could get my phone operating again.

Went over to Apple and got the phone fixed and once it was fixed and Rogers was up and running, the rest of the day went fast.

Spence did school - first real school day since PAX, then we went to the dentist so he could get a filling and then the engineers came to look at the structural issue in my entry way - I just finished it too - had to demolish the ceiling and was told I'd probably have to leave it open until everyone looked at it tonight :(

Then Joanne and Jacob came by for a visit, James came early to grab Spence for dinner and a movie, I headed out to the condo board meeting (where I found out I'd have to wait for both the insurance company and legal guys to have their folks look at the issue).....oh well, the rest of the place is down to it's bones, so I guess I can live with the entry way being hacked up for a bit.

The engineers at least gave me two options to permanently fix the issue - so now it's just waiting to see who will pay - condo board or insurance.

Now I hope to get a bit of work done before slumping into bed for the night.

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