Sunday, September 29, 2013

We were going to do Pakrour, but neither Jacob or Spence wanted to go and so we decided to let it slide as neither of them had been in over 8 months and neither wanted to continue with the classes even with bribery.

Instead, Spence and I went kitten adopting - I had found some mouse droppings again (after several years without mice) and although Karma does a great job mousing outside, inside not so much - either it's because she's in my room when the mice are about or because she doesn't scent in the house, they don't fear the predator.  I looked at getting the poison service again, but Spence and I have been talking a bit about cats and he wanted one - everything I've read says cats are good for deterring if not getting rid of mice the old fashion way - so I thought if we find a cat we both like, we'll bring it home.

I wanted a female, Spence didn't care and Karma (who we brought along, to see if she'd eat the cat or be ok) loved all the cats.  We ended up with a male kitten and poor Karma had been trying to snuggle up and no cat liked that idea.

We brought the kitten home, Spence named it Nocturn (as in Nocturnal and we call him Noc) and then proceeded to bond with it the rest of the day.  Eventually, he was brave enough to wander a bit and as he likes warmth, slept for about 5 min between the two very warm dogs before he realized they were dogs :)

Karma is still trying to snuggle up, Hunter couldn't give a fig, Noc is trying to decide if all of this is ok, Spence has a cat he can snuggle and I have a mouser I hope :)  and a cat who will get along with the pups in time.    

A very cute addition to the family :)

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