Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spence got a great anime style haircut yesterday and we headed off to volleyball, I got winter tires put on b/c I noticed such a difference on James' truck.  Spence headed off early with his dad yesterday to spend some time with him first and then Tammy and her girls.

My g/fs went for dinner really late and I had a lot of work to do, so I opted for a quick coffee instead and when I got home at 8:30, Spence was already here.

We watched a bit of TV together, I worked a bit and then around midnight he headed over to Jacob's house for a sleepover with the guys - then was home at 2am for nibblies with the boys - Karma just about bit his head off - she didn't recognize him with helmet and skateboard stuff on.

I told him where food was then went back to blissful sleep.  I got up early for a Saturday for me as I am helping my g/f out with some recycling / dump stuff and then plan to make the eggplant burgers I started last night (base made, just need cooking now).

Today will be pretty relaxed - some chores for both of us, work for me and otherwise, we'll just chill.

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