Monday, September 30, 2013

So the kitten never stops purring - makes for a hard to sleep night for Spence, he gave up at 5 am and dropped him off with me.

The dogs and kitten all got up with me and after breakfast, I took the pups for a walk and left the kitten to explore the scratching post/house we got him.

When I got back, got breakfast for Spence organized and after breakfast, we started school.  Math (new book today), spelling, drums, essay research (reading/taking notes) and some live streaming.

Tonight is a night out with James for Spence and the three of us will have to see what is in the freezer for supper - still trying to empty out the big freezer.

Spence got home around 8pm and Jonathan came over shortly after for a sleepover and I got to catch up with Donna over coffee for a bit before she left.

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