Friday, September 06, 2013

So it was a long few days with mainly flying - we started (Kirsten and I) on Wednesday evening with cattle call area from Calgary to Heathrow.  We were smart and had pre-selected the exit row seats - which meant that although we had no foot rests, we at least had lots of leg room.

We had two average meals each and we managed to sleep about 5 hours on the flight.  I decided not to work as I had to excavate my laptop from my carry on which was up in the overhead bin.

We arrived in Heathrow and had about a six hour layover which ended up being good because we had to enter the country to check in and drop off our bags as we bought the tickets separately.  We entered and then wandered for a few hours and then checked in and wandered inside the secured area for another few hours - good for stretching after a long time sitting on a plane.

We had supper at the same asian restaurant that we went to as a family last October in Heathrow and the food was still good and reasonably priced.

We then headed off to our flight - which was on Iberia and again on an exit row.  This time though there was a flapping noise off the wing and we wondered who they had left outside or what had gotten caught in the door.   We did arrive safely in Madrid by 11pm - which was about 3 hours after we were supposed to arrive because the plane had been late leaving.

We arrived at our hotel safely - slept soundly for a few hours and then got up by 5am to catch our last flight for a few days.  We flew into Santiago Compestello and then took a car to our starting point for the Camino in Ourense.

We arrived by 10:30 (our driver was FAST) and then wandered the city looking for food for the next two hours.  The definite lack of bakeries and eateries does not bode well for us for supper....but we did find plenty of grocers, so we plan on stocking up for the walk at the grocery store.  We did find a sandwich shop finally and bought two sandwiches for takout and some pastries for $4E.

We got back to the hotel, headed for our room and promptly decided it was nap time.  Now 5 hours later, we're starting to get ready for the Camino and supper.

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