Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SEPTEMBER 11 (Lalin to Sallida) (17k)
We started our walk by taking a cab from the hotel to our ending point yesterday - we had decided not to do the 5-6k walk back through the city.  It was blistery and cold and we had added several layers to the start of our trip today.

We started - you guessed it - up hill again :)

We meandered through the villages and hills and forests and enjoyed the views and the fresh air.  We walked by what we are thinking is either a school or prison for kids - school van/bus, playground equipment and two fences - 1 fence and then massive guard dog and then 2nd fence which was barbed and electric....really weird.

We then came to a small village which was very nice and we hit on a small cafe/bar and had coke and paprika pringles for a snack.  We continued on our way and ended up in Sallida by 1pm (beat our luggage today) (17k).  Our room was almost ready, so we chilled for a few minutes and then headed up to unpack, shower and head back out.

We had a great walk around the town and did some shopping - the bakeries here are great.  Kirsten got a few sweaters/shirts and we got another coffee at the bar across the street.  

Tonight's dinner was at a restaurant across the street and they were kind enough to make me green salad and pasta salad for supper - the portions however were huge and I think I insulted the poor lady when I sent half of it back b/c I was too full.

Tomorrow we head to Ponte Ulla, another 20k we think.

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