Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Well it certainly was an interesting start to the day.  Last night sometime, Karma got stung by something and her snout was swollen by class time.  She was still pretty good though, so we did class and once home, I gave her some Benadryl.  By midnight when it was time to go to bed, she was on speed - she was so itchy and uncomfortable all she could do was run laps around the house.

Spence had had a great night with his dad - lego building (we got him a lego bd present), dinner and a movie and when he got home, he noticed the very active dog too :)

I tried to settle her down, but by 2am, she had kept both Spence and me awake with all the running, banging, barking, whining - so I gave up and headed off to the emergency clinic.

2am to 5am......and she got a steroid injection to take away the itchiness and swelling and we were told to go home, sleep until 6am and then give another dose of Benadryl (repeat every 8 hours for 24 hrs) and then she should be good.  The stinger should fall out on it's own and now that Karma isn't itchy, she'll be able to sleep.

Well Karma fell asleep in the car and I barely got her to the bedroom - but she slept.  I got up a half hour after we got home and gave her another Benadryl and then started to get ready for work as I had some early morning meetings downtown.

I headed off to work and got the meetings over with and went back to bed for a 2 hour nap.  In the meantime, Spence finally got some sleep and when he got up did his math, printing, drums and art and we decided that was good enough for today.

Now we're both up and awake (mainly awake), he's going to get ready to have a boys night with his dad and I'm going to catch up on the work I was supposed to do today.

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