Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We had a pretty busy day today.  Spence slept over at Jacob's last night and was home in time for our dental appointment.

Once we were done that, we drove home and then he did his driving practice, we planned out the part of September that I'm away, he went through some of his math texts to see what he was taking to his dad's, he practiced his printing, drums and then did some live streaming.

We headed off to meet James for a planning meeting at Kinjo's and went through travel plans, school plans, etc.

I headed off to take Karma to her grad class and she did well and then stopped off to get the Dyson fan I had found on kijiji for Spencer's room.  Once home, Spence showed me what his dad bought him tonight - two very cool t-shirts and some reading material for the plane.

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