Monday, August 05, 2013

We had decided to have a relaxing day today - I got Spence up at 11am and we went off to Smash Burger to meet up with Kelly & Sam for lunch.

After lunch, we went off to Walmart in search of origami paper - didn't find any, but Spence found some magic cards he wanted.  Then it was off to the dollar store - it was the biggest dollar store I've been to in Calgary.  We didn't get the paper, so we'll hit Michael's this week (it's part of Bailey's BD pressie).

We came home with Kelly & Sam and then Kelly & I went off to Value Village to do some window shopping.  I came away with a bright orange vase to go in my kitchen for $2 :)

Kelly and I watched the storm roll through as we sat on the patio with the heater on and finished our drinks and then they went home and I walked the dogs.

Now it's time for supper - we decided on ravioli with sauce and garlic bread.  Then it's time to actually get some work done :)

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