Thursday, August 08, 2013

Spence had a great night with his dad, they finished building the lego model and had some good quality time together.  When he got home, he and Jacob got together for a bit and then when he got back he packed his stuff for his overnight in Banff with his dad, Jacob, Tammy and her girls - 40th BD at the Banff Springs.

While Spence was out, Hudson one of our neighbours dogs came by - on his own - for a visit.  I took him home when someone knocked on my door to tell me my dog was waiting for me at my front door.

I worked a bit and got the living room tidied up a bit.

Today is a busy day for both Spencer and me.  Jacob is coming over early so the boys can play a round of magic before they leave for Banff and I am heading downtown for a meeting and then home to work some more.

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