Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spence and Jacob had their first fly camp day today - Joanne and I both dropped the boys off so we could do the final waivers and let them go have fun.  They did some classroom time and then spent the rest of the day practicing starting / stopping (taking off / landing) their flying machines.

Today was hang gliding and para gliding and they both seem to have fun.  I got a call from Spence around 4:30 - Joanne is picking up the boys and I'm dropping them off....asking if we could do our dinner out this week with Jacob at a local pizza place and then get ice cream for dessert.  I met them at the pizza place, which was next to Lazy Loaf and after popping in to get a loaf of bread, I met up with the gang.

We ordered a dish each and after we ate, we went next door to the ice cream shop and Spence and Jacob each had a milkshake.  Spence then went home with Joanne & Jacob and I took our left overs and got Karma from daycare.

When I got home, I walked the dogs and by the time I got home, Spence was heading out to go to Jacobs for a few hours.  I fed the dogs and by then it was time to meet up with the board members of our complex to pick roof colours.  Well as it has taken me years to figure out a colour scheme and the past 8 months to pick actual colours, I am not the best person for the job.  There are also much more opinionated folks on the board and it really doesn't matter to me in the end.

The board met for three hours - still no colour choice, but we did decide to pick a colour by next week.  When I got home, Spence and I snacked and watched our new show Spy on Hulu and then Spence headed off to bed as he was a tired puppy.

I'm going to get his lunch organized for tomorrow and then head off myself.

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