Sunday, August 04, 2013

Saturday started off fairly late for everyone - the dogs and I got up at 9:30 and started our day by making breakfast and then we went for our walk.

I dug up my front garden area by the front door - a section where nothing was growing and put down paver stones and put the trash bin there.  Originally our condo board said the trash bins had to be in our garages, but no one was doing it and in the summer, the garage ends up smelling something awful - so this summer I moved mine outside too....not sure if I'll keep it outside during the winter, but now it has a spot.  I plan to put a trellis next to it to help hide it either later on this summer or next spring.

I did some more chores and took a nap and pretty much chilled until supper time.

Spence got up around lunch time, had breakfast and then an hour later had lunch :) He decided he'd like a computer video camera to be able to stream his video better and so we decided after supper we'd go get that for him.

I went off to dinner with Kirsten - she thought it was high time I tried Ox and Angela's down on 17th and it was as good as she said.  We opted for vegetarian tapas and were not disappointed - the only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the Churro's I ordered for dessert, they were overcooked outside and still raw inside - but considering the rest of the meal was fantastic, neither of us complained.

I had taken Spence to Burger King for his supper, but also bought lamb meatballs and chorizo sausage for him.

When I got home, we headed off to Memory Express but they were already closed and so we continued over to Best Buy and got him a reasonably priced computer video camera for his live streaming.

Once home, he decided that Burger King was a pre-curser to dinner and asked if I could make some homemade tomato sauce and pasta to go with the meatballs.  I had made brownies with frosting earlier in the day and that was going to be dessert.  Once he was done with supper and dessert he had chicken wings to finish off his supper.

Today is going to be more of the same - lots of chillin, chores and napping.  I think I have to re-organize the freezer downstairs as it's pretty full with left overs and I have a fridge full of left overs now which have to be frozen.  I'm thinking some sort of left overs for supper :)

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