Thursday, August 01, 2013

I picked up kiddo from Calloway at closing (near 4pm) and took him with me to get Karma and get refried beans for last night.  He told me he had a great time with the kids and was ready to eat whenever I could make supper - oh and he promised to meet up with Jacob, so could I please hurry up :)

We got home by 5pm and he and Jacob got together while I made supper.  We ate, Jacob went home for a bit and then the boys got together again - they needed magic cards and a gift for Bailey's upcoming birthday and so we all toddled off.  There was a timmy's close to the shop and so I got each puppy a timbit (Karma gets them after class and loves them, Hunter really likes donuts) and I got one for myself.  The boys said they weren't interested.

We got home and the boys disappeared into the basement, telling me they were having a sleepover.  Karma, Hunter and I did some training with the timbits and then I worked on my shelf for a bit before getting back to doing a bit of paid work.

Today should be a good day - once Spence and Jacob get up, we'll do school and then Spence will head off with his dad while I go play slo-pitch.  Now if only this headache would go away.

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