Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy day with school - math, reading, printing, picking a new topic for the next essay, trying to work on putting in contacts for PAX, working on the wig and deciding it's a no go and drums.

After school there was some relax time before we turned Hulu on for lunch and watched a new show called Quick Draw which fits our humor and means it won't be on long.

Now Spence is back to chilling with his buddies and I'm going to try and do some work - not motivated today, but have some deadlines looming.

Tonight is Karma's last puppy class - she is doing so well that we're even working on some off leash walking in calm areas.  Our next class will be this fall after I come back - we'll sign up for the agility class, like Super Dogs - I think she'll enjoy it and it'll help keep us both working together as a team.

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