Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back to school today - we started off with Brotherband, then math, spelling, reading, printing, drums, and figuring out the English 30 exam prep work we'd have to do.

We went through the sections and worked through how we wanted to split up the practice exams from the last 11 years which are online with Alberta Learning + what exam banks he wanted to use and how we were going to fit in essay writing and printing practice in there so someone other than him can read his writing.

Then it was off to meet Corbin and Rebecca for coffee and catch up - which was very nice.  We left at 1:30 and headed off to get James' birthday present - a Star Wars Lego ship that Spence could work on with his dad.  We went off to Michael's after that to get origami paper for Spencer's art project - he's making flowers for Bailey's BD :)

Once we got home and Spence ate, did some origami practice and then headed off to Jacob's for a bit before his dad came by to pick him up for movie/dinner night.

I'm off to doggie training class and then home to do a bit more work.

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