Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yesterday was definitely relaxing...although I seem to have picked up a Home Depot habit that I must break eventually....when they know you by name, walking into the store, you know you visit it too often.

I did get my veneer (opted for birch) and bought a too small bottle of contact cement (so went back today to get a bigger one)....applied some veneer to the shelving unit and love it.  painted my walls various samples of paint I picked up - trying to decide on paint colour - not fond of the white/pink I had to end up with in order to match my current colour, so changing it to something else...although not sure what yet.

I continued working on Spencer's mask, did some chores, worked and helped Risa buy her first car ever.  She didn't overpay and that was the goal of the trip.

Spence and I toddled over to Mac's after supper, which was Vietnamese Subs and then settled in for the night.

Today is another relax, chores, veneer, mask, work day for me.  Spence has to pack for camp and chill with his buddies.  Should be a good end to the weekend.

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