Monday, July 22, 2013

Well today was camp day and so Spence got to sleep in until 10am and then got up and got ready to go.  We left at 11am per plan and arrived at 12:30.  We had planned to stop along the way to grab a bite, but in the 150km to Three Hills, there was a distinct lack of fast food joints - so we stopped at IGA and got sandwich fixings and made food for ourselves.

After we ate, we arrived at registration about 1pm and once registered, I helped Spence take his stuff to his dorm room.  It was old, smelly and really not very homey - but it'll do for a week.  Not sure if he has a roomie as the other bunk didn't have a mattress.

Once he was all checked in and back at registration for pictures and orientation, I headed home as Karma was in her kennel after her pack walk this morning.

I got home and did a bit of work, walked the dogs, took a break for supper, updated my budget and now back to work for a bit.

Hoping camp goes better this time - it looked well organized and had a much better vibe than the last place.  Hope he enjoys it.

posing - even though he didn't want to - in his new camp shirt

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