Friday, July 26, 2013

Turns out I would be a horrific coach and I'm a great cheer leader for Spencer's team.

I grabbed Kelly and Sam to keep me company on the road and we stopped at the new Symon's Valley Farmer's Market (now open year round) to check out the fixings and have a bite.

The market is great, we managed to find lots of great things - including 100 wings for $30 at the organic chicken place - yay me!

We headed off to Three Hills after that and made it to the camp just before the start of the tournament.  The kids had been playing since 8am and so they were already starting to wear out - but they played until 4pm (well our team did)....4 teams made the playoffs and Spencer's team got bronze.

Kelly, Sam and I cheered (well Kelly and I did) loudly and we jumped up and down when Spence got the 2nd to last point and then assisted on the last scoring point - they won 27 - 25 and they were exhausted.

We stopped at Mac's on the way out of town and made it home by 6pm.  We dropped off Kelly & Sam and then came home to where Karma and Hunter had chilled all day (and the house was still in one piece).

We made some veggie kung pow chicken with rice, wings with fries and gravy and I made salad for myself and some drinks from the garage.  Good supper.

Spence had a great time (he never even called when he threw up all day yesterday) and learned a lot about the game and how to play better.  Overall a very positive experience - which is very different from the last camp he was at.  Glad he enjoyed it.

Tonight is relax time for Spence and I have to see what's on my reno / mask making / work / chores plate.

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