Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Spence got up and we did a regular school day - one week of school, then back to camp for a week.

We started off by reading the Brotherband series, then Spence re-read his math because it's been so long since he's done the work, now he feels he can do the questions today.  Spelling, silent reading, drums and we both worked on the masks.

Spence then chilled until James came to grab him for supper.

I did some work, caught up on some house chores, got groceries, ran errands and after I ate a quick supper headed off with Karma for her doggie class.  She did well again, but I think she now knows the dogs and so they don't bug her....but she is doing well at the parks too - except for yesterday when all she wanted to do was eat everyone - but I think that's because our neighbour left their puppy alone all day and all it did was squeak all day as it pined for it's owners....after a while it grates on you.

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