Tuesday, July 09, 2013


It was a busy day - Spence slept over at James' with Jonathan and they all went off to Stampede today.  They said they had a great time when I picked them up and they joked all the way to Jonathan's.... the boys decided they wanted another sleepover and so Donna offered to have them tonight.

I dropped Karms off at daycare, went to a stampede breakfast with co-workers at the office and worked until I got the boys from Stampede.

Once home, the dogs and I had supper and then Karma and I went to class.  I was skeptical - but the work Karma and I have been doing as a team really paid off tonight.  This week she also had the opportunity to run and didn't :)  yay!

On the way home with Karms, we stopped for groceries and now it's time to read the storm door installation manual.  I also tested my patio heater and it works like a damn - yay - $50 and I have a natural gas patio heater that is 8' tall and keeps me toasty warm :)

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