Thursday, July 11, 2013


It was volunteer day and I dropped Spence off just after 9am.....Walter (his boss) wasn't there because he was helping in High River and so Spence got to hang out at the Stampede Breakfast instead.

I headed into the office and after 2 hours got the call to come pick Spence up - he was done sitting around.  We headed home and worked on the costume stuff, figured out what we were missing and off I went to grab it all, while he chilled.

I got back and decided to continue working on the storm door - it is now hung and the latch is on, however, there is nothing for it to latch into.  When I was done that, the pipe fitter came and did his work on the gas outlet uncapping and once he was done, I had both BBQ and Patio Heater set up to be used at the same time - yay.

I got Karma and walked the dogs and after supper headed out for my first ever slo pitch practice.  I was back catcher and even though I did almost nothing - I am wiped....maybe I'll head to bed early.

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