Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spence slept over at James' last night and so this morning I got up and after walking the dogs and having breakfast, I headed over to Risa's house to help with some more light fixture issues....well we decided to go car shopping instead and had a terrific time.

I came home around lunch and Spence was already home - we started working on another round of masks.  I left for MEC and met up with Kirsten to shop for a few items for Spain - we have a list we're working on.  We got a few things and then headed off for supper at our current favorite Indian place.  

We didn't order a ton, but were still over full.  We went back to her place to try out the protein bars we bought to try out for the trip.  We found two we liked and so we'll order 12 and take them along on our trip as snacks.

I headed home and Spence had eaten his pizza and was chilling.  Dave arrived shortly afterwards and we headed out to the deck with coffee and chilled under the patio heater for an hour or so.  We went back in after our coffee was done and continued to catch up until it was time for bed.

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