Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dave decided to stay until Monday early evening to finish helping me with some renos - the numbers are not up yet, but they are ready to be put up when he comes back in 3 weeks.

In the meantime, we built the front entry shelving unit and installed it - now I have to cover it with drywall and I have to paint and put in the sliders .... so lots of work still.  I helped with the shelf - Dave would demonstrate a cut and then I would do some - my first real woodworking project and you can put a 200 lb person on the shelf and it holds - so pretty happy about that.

I also got three garage heaters for the winter and put two up right away so they were done and boy do they heat.  Rona was clearing them out for just over $100 each and they are like the restaurant radiant heaters - so instantly warm and boy do you feel the difference.

After we were done, I headed out for supper with Steph at Earl's and we had a great time catching up - too short though as I knew I had to leave to say by to Dave before he left.

Dave was packed and ready to go, but his phone died while he was packing and so I drove him to the closest FIDO store and it took us over an hour, but they did replace his phone so he could drive back to BC with a mobile device that actually worked.

Spence on the other hand had his own adventures yesterday.  He had slept over at Jacob's the night before and came running in like the wind at around noon and once he had gone to the bathroom, he looked at me and I told him he was going off to bed.  He slept for a good two - three hours and then got up and had food and then more food and then more food and was still hungry :)  He helped with the demolition and then went to chat with his buddies.

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