Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Last window of the year

Had a better day today - Spence got up and was feeling a lot better....still a bit of a cold, but not like the past few days.

Once up, he did math, printing and drums - we decided to continue summer style school for one more week as he would have been off at camp anyhow.  He then decided to see how rollerblading would go and he felt ok - so he went at it for a good 20 minutes.  Jacob and Spence met up and got slurppees and then hung out for a bit, once Spence got home he got ready to head out with James for supper and a movie.

In the meantime, Karma was in daycare because the last window was going to be installed today....8 am, 9 am, 10 am - no one has showed up and no one has called.  When you call the office, it says it's still closed from the flood and the customer service lines are busy and you can't get through.  Finally at 10:30 the guys called saying they were running late and would be there by 11:30.  They arrived by noon and were done by 4 - the new window looks great and the amount of light in here now is amazing.  I popped by a neighbours place to see her new fireplace and couldn't believe how much darker her place was even with an open kitchen (she has no wall between her dining area and kitchen).

Once the guys were gone, I finished working on clearing out part of the garage (got about a 1/4 of it done today) and worked on supper - pizza and cinni buns for snack time.

Grampa came by in the meantime to grab Spencer's keys and then Dave and I had pizza and caught up on what we both needed to get done tonight - I still have a list of chores a mile long for him to help me with :)  poor guy - I think my room/board rent is higher than what he pays back home :)  No down time at my place :)

Now time to let my feet rest a bit - get some studying done and a bit of work and then off to bed early as I am wiped.

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