Friday, July 12, 2013


Well we decided today would be an art day - once Spence was up we worked on a new mask for Rasmus (didn't like the current one), Spencer's mask and Spencer's vest.

The second mask is really coming along
Plaster cast for mask
Spencer's clay mask
Step 1: roll out the clay as if it was dough

Step 2: when it is really thin (like a thin crust pizza), then it's ready for the overlay

Step 3: overlay clay onto plastic full face mask

Step 4: wrap clay around the mask, tucking clay underneath to hold it onto the plastic

Step 5: work with your fingers to shape the mask

Step 6: don't take picture the wrong way up :)  this is the wet mask.  Needs
to dry and then we'll paint

 The vest we worked on
This is the vest we worked on for about 4 hours - we have velcro on the
side to hold it together.  I'll have Spence model it with the whole outfit once
the mask is finished 

Around 4pm, James came and took Spence - Spence is sleeping over tonight.  I was planning on heading out to Risa's but am so tired again....I think I might be fighting something, so I plan to eat and then go watch a movie and fall asleep by 9pm.

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