Saturday, July 06, 2013


Yesterday was our last light day of school - we worked on Rasmus' mask for PAX - not sure it is what we were looking for (we tried a new material).  We'll have to see how it dries over the next day or two.

I ran a few errands, did some chores, worked on building a mock up of my new shelves then worked on how to fix what I didn't like about it.

Dave took the day off and at lunch he and I went off to his first BBQ Stampede lunch and I won a picture :) (probably should have bought a lotto ticket as I never win anything).

For supper we decided on Mitalini's pizza and I made pasta for myself.  I then headed over to Risa's after supper to help her with a bunch of stuff.  Took her to Rona for a shopping trip and then had her take down and install her first light :) yay - she and the boys love the light she put up.  I helped a bit when we discovered the heads on the screws didn't fit through the holes to hold up the fixture, but otherwise it was easy.  I got some popcorn ceiling stuff in my eye and damn that hurts like a dickens.

Today is another errands/chores/work/reno day for us and Spence will be chillin playing video games and hanging out with friends.

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