Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday went better, Spence was back to normal by Friday afternoon.  We did math quiz, spelling and reading and then Spence got ready to head out to his dads later in the day.  While he waited he played online with his friends and then took off just after lunch.

The pups and I headed out for a quick walk around three and other than that, I did chores, worked a bit and painted my shelves...turns out I don't like the wood grain and so I need to fix that.

Around supper time, Risa came over so we could go Costco shopping and we got out of there with about $100 each spent - which is awesome.  I managed to find the champaign grapes that Spence loves and got those for him and a big box of raspberries for $2!

This morning it's back to Home Depot to get the wood stuff I need to finish the shelving unit and then home until Risa comes so we can go mini-van shopping.

Tonight for supper Spence and I will be doing Vietnamese Sub Buns - we're both looking forward to this and a relaxing night at home.

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