Monday, July 15, 2013

Dave and I got up early enough to have crepes for breakfast and then head off to Home Depot, Rona and Ikea to do some window shopping and get a few bits for the drill.  We had a great time testing out furniture at Ikea and got the storage boxes I wanted and the hat boxes for the two masks we're making and Spence is taking to PAX.

We got home and after another meal, Spence said he was going to head over to meet Jacob at Macs.  Jacob didn't show (was doing chores) so they decided on a later time.  Joanne invited us to dinner at Silver Springs, but Dave and I wanted to finish some projects and the boys didn't want to go - so I got them to order dinner from Kinjo's and we did pickup and I dropped them off at Joanne's for their game night / sleep over and Dave and I each had pasta on the deck before heading in to work on our projects.

I worked on the storm door (and actually finished it today) and then Spencer's mask - new method (thanks to Dave, I think this one will finally work) and then with Dave I learned how to do proper cuts for my shelving project.  Dave made me a template and helped me demolish the current stair area.

Dave continued to work on my house numbers - they are all finished now (polished, etc) and just need the LED attached and mounted to the wall (yay).

Some pictures of the shelving project progress.

Storm door finally all installed and working like it is supposed to

The stair thing that was being removed so I could put in
some shelving units

Having some fun cutting away the extra nails - lots of sparks

The end product - a big hole :) shelving unit goes in that
space tomorrow

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