Thursday, July 18, 2013

2am and Spence woke me up saying he was throwing up.  I got him some gravol and sent him back to bed....well that didn't work as well as I had hoped and he continued to nearly 5am.  Both of us were exhausted by then and I decided he wouldn't be going to work today.  I had to get up to take Karma to the daycare and I have an orthodontist appt this morning and then I think I'm crawling back into bed for a bit too.  I was not feeling great last night - so I am hoping with a bit more sleep, I'll feel better and when Spence get's up he'll be feeling right as rain.

Well, no right as rain here .... he is feeling a bit better, but still nauseous.  He is holding down bread, rice and some other pretty bland food.  We tried baked chicken and we'll see how that holds.  He's not doing great and so I'm keeping him home tonight and hoping he's good for tomorrow's night out with James.

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