Sunday, June 30, 2013

So far a very relaxing long weekend.  Saturday we did our cooking class (Glory of India) - it was more of a demonstration and lunch though - nothing that either of us would do again I think.

In the evening, I went off for a dinner with some friends - dinner was really good and we all overate.  One of the girls was the sister of the restaurant owner and so we got the royal treatment.  Spence in the meantime got Edo to go and enjoyed the evening with his buddies.

Once we got home, we finished packing for the coming week as Spence is off to camp (Hunter's Camp) with Jacob.

Today, we got ready and headed out after a very late breakfast and Joanne and left the boys at cabin 3 for their week of bonding over rifles.  Tonight I have the windows and doors open and am very comfortable with the breeze going through the house.

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