Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year :)
Another chore day and I figured out I have jetlag.  I couldn't get to sleep and then when I did I slept in till 9am again.....and with tonight being new years, I'm going to stay up till midnight.

Did a few chores, cooked and played with Karma - not exciting, but decent.

Monday, December 30, 2013

How does the day pass I get so little done?

Last night I had an allergy attack at 2am, so after taking Benadryl, I was out like a light until 9am - missed my alarm completely.

I had chores for today and some studying - decided I wanted one more day off before starting up work again.

Got another suitcase unpacked, tried to re-organize the pantry but gave up - I think that is a full weekend project.  Got the pets walked, watered and fed and called for a bunch of warranty stuff.

Planning on making some stir fry for dinner tonight and doing some studying and MS Project learning...not a very exciting day, but as it is -11 and not warming up, not much else to do :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

We all slept in to 10:30 and then I made crepes for all of us.  I finished unpacking my first suitcase and did some chores around the house before heading out to see the Hobbit with a few moms I know.

I went to Superstore to get a few things I forgot yesterday and then came home to make cabbage rolls (so that Spence wouldn't have to smell them - he doesn't like the smell of cabbage) for supper.

We had cabbage rolls for supper and now I'm relaxing and watching some TV while I study and learn how to use the latest project software from Microsoft :)
Well Friday night was my flight home - I hate Air Canada.  The airport decided I needed to pay for each surf board - not surf board bag like they said on the phone and charged in Calgary.  They decided I needed to pay a handling fee for everything - so $200 paid for luggage online and another $150 at the airport - I think they just decide on the fly what they will charge for luggage.

I will be calling to complain about the inconstancies and wrong info they provide on the phone.  At least the information should be available rather than surprise the person at the counter.

There was no line to get through security - so that was a breeze and then we got on the flight on time and were sitting ready to go.......2 hours later we left.  Not because of mechanical problems..no the pilot decided he didn't want fish or chicken - he wanted pizza - yes, you heard me right - pizza.  We waited 2 hours for pizza to arrive, so the captain could eat his pizza.

When complaints were made, he said he'd throw us off the plane and we could figure out how to get to Calgary on our own - he was the captain and his word was law, too bad, so sad if you didn't like waiting for 2 hours for pizza.

Seriously!  I will be complaining about that too.

So we land - 2 hrs late and they put us in holding in a corridor for 1.5 hours as they try to figure out what to do with 200 passengers that should have arrived 2 hours before when the airport was closed and they could route us through the right exits.  Surrounded by RCMP, TSA and US Customs officers.

Finally got out of the airport near 10am....very long flight and exit process.

Got Karma & Noc - they howled all the way home.  I spent time with them and then headed for the grocery store, bank, farmers market and Best Buy.  I scored a wicked deal on the TVs - I ended up with a 60" and a 32" for $1400 - wicked deal.  I missed out on the better deal for the 60" - I would have paid $1k - but $1400 for both isn't bad.

Once home, I made grama's hashbrown casserole and the pets and I had that for supper which was yummy and I got some unpacking done, etc.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Today as my last day on the island, I decided to treat myself to a surf lesson.  I went with Maui Wave Riders and my instructor was Sol (a girl) and it was well worth it.  I should have done this on Monday when the waves started kicking up and I would have had a full week of surfing - lesson learned though.

I spent 2 hours riding waves - I caught about 6 or 8 of them in that time, most of which I paddled into myself and rode all the way in to shore.  We spent the time talking about how to read the wave - see where it will crest, how to move quickly, how to pop during a way so you don't get washed off the board on the big waves (yep we got some good 6' waves today on the beginner beach).  I caught mainly the 2 - 4' waves and tried to catch one 6' wave but toppled :)

It was great and at the end I couldn't move my arms they were so tired and the sets were just getting bigger, there were no small waves (1-2') by 9:30 when I left and I definitely could have ridden my 7' board today if I had anything but jello arms after the lesson.

I had planned on going back, but when I discovered my arms were not listening to me, I decided pool time was in order.

James and I went off to switch the truck rental first and then while I headed to the pool for as much tan time as possible (I lasted a mere 1.5 hrs), the boys went off for lunch and then for a walk.

While we were all out, the AC guy came and started a very long process of replacing the AC in the condo - James napped, Spence played on his video games with buddies and I caught up on the blog, facebook and did some work.

Tonight James is making steak burritos (black bean for me) and I'm flying home on the red eye and will be happy to see the pets and wait for Spence to arrive next week.

Today is my last day on the island and my transition day with James for the condo, truck and Spence.

I was a bit apprehensive coming to Maui this winter, given that James chose to leave Spencer and me for Tammy last Xmas and that the vacation would be spent with Marty, Helen, Leora for the entire trip and James for part of it.

I am so glad we came though - grama, grampa and auntie have been as warm and wonderful as they have been for the past 20 years that I've known them and they made both Spence and I feel like we were still part of the family and I enjoyed all the various activities and dinners we shared.

I leave today and Spence gets an extra week with his grandparents, auntie and dad - I am hoping he continues to enjoy his time here as much as I know he has up to now (despite his teenage complaining).

Thank you again, grama and grampa for a great once in a lifetime trip for us.

Ahihi on Thursday and then Big Beach after snorkeling

Had a terrific 2nd to last day in Maui today - grama & grampa took us to a secluded snorkeling spot - a marine preserve (Ahihi) which was calm and clear.  We snorkel'd for about 30 or so minutes and got some fantastic pics.

Once done snorkeling I drove James back to the condo, checked w Spence about coming to Big Beach and then since he didn't feel like coming - I left to join grama, grampa and auntie.

While I sat getting as much sun as humanly possible before I leave, James and Spence went for lunch and figured out their week - which will include several beach dives, a boat dive, snorkeling, shopping and potentially some paintball and a movie - a week filled with activities now that Spence has had a week of rest :)

Once home, Spence continued to chill and I started my packing.  When dinner came around, we all headed to the sushi joint we had selected and it was pretty good - the company was good and the amount we ordered was just about enough.  I had left over tofu, but knocked it to the ground when I opened the back door to the truck...spilled on the ground and me - thank goodness it was white and left no major stains.

We then headed off to the mall for some last minute shopping for me, some ice cream for grama and some window shopping for everyone else.  I managed to score a nice grocery bag for my collection and three nice button down shirts, which are tailor fit and will look great in my collection of work shirts.

We came home and I packed a bit more before Spence and I decided it was time to watch some anime together - a new series he has for us, which is really interesting - but as it's in Japanese, you have to be reading the entire thing and not do other stuff.

I managed to check in too after rebooting the router twice - but can't print my boarding pass as I have no printer and it wouldn't send me the bar code for my phone - if nothing else, I can have them print the pass when I get to the airport tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Well I did manage my run this morning and shaved a few minutes off my time, but forgot my allergy pills so I was all watery eyed and snuffly by the time I got home (note to self, allergy meds before morning run).

Now just waiting on grama and grampa to text they are ready to head out to the beach - we are going to attempt snorkeling again today.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I had well laid plans to get up at 6:45 and go for a quick jog.....not to be, slept through the alarm and woke up at 8am.  I am allergic to something, think it's the soap and have been taking benadryl to combat it, unfortunately it knocks me out.  I will be looking for soap today.

Spence wasn't keen on a shore dive, he would rather spend the day hanging out with me at the pool or in Lahaina - so I think that's what we'll do.  I only have a few days left in Maui and thought I'd like to spend them with Spence.

The folks are heading out to snorkel (grama, grampa and auntie) at Makena for the day, which should be fun for them.

Xmas Eve Appie Buffet at grama & grampa's

Spencer winning at board games, Auntie won her share as well

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today is a chill day - off to the beach once Spence gets up and then figuring out a zipline day before I leave.

I did 3.3 miles today on my run - pretty happy as that is my 3rd run on the island and I started with 1 mile - so have added 1 mile a day.  Hoping to hit 4 miles next run.

We headed out to the beach around 11am and James and Spence went out snorkeling and I decided to tan.  They came back and said I hadn't missed much.  They left and I stayed another half hour and then headed back to the condo.

We went to Maui Taco for lunch and I grabbed a few things I needed for supper tonight - we're doing appies night at grama & grampas.

Once home, Spence headed up to play with his buddies and I went to tan a bit more...only 3 more days, trying to take advantage when I can.

We decided to rent gear tomorrow and go for a shore dive and see how that goes.  Spence is not stoked, but is willing to go to keep us company.  On Friday I have booked a surf lesson because I can't find a place to surf with my board and I really badly want to get up on a board.

We'll figure out Thursday - zipline, dive or beach - not sure which yet.

Spence decided to get a henna tattoo
Stylized dragon I think

So we headed off to the henna place - as it was his money he was spending he opted for the less expensive tattoo :)

After that we came back and chilled until supper time - grampa had BBQ'd ribs, grama made hashbrown casserole (one of my favorites) and Leora had made a salad with more veggies than lettuce - exactly how it should be and then grampa bought gelato for everyone.  
demolished ribs - I think Spence ate half of the entire set of ribs all by himself
We came back and chilled a bit more before I headed to bed and Spence stayed up to play with his friends.

Monday, December 23, 2013

I was up at 3am to do my webinar and was still going until about 11:30.  The boys headed down to the beach across the street to boogie board and then headed to the pool with grama, grampa and auntie.

I was done just in time for lunch - grampa took us out to the sandwich shop by the condo and treated everyone to sandwiches.  Once we were done, it was clouded over - so I headed back up to get a bit of work done before supper and maybe a nap and Spence got a game to play with grama and then he had planned to head out with his dad for a walk.

Tonight we are down at the pool for supper - BBQ ribs by grama & grampa (I'm bringing veggie chicken strips for myself).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We all went to the beach today - we had hoped to snorkel, but with the waves, the boys went boogie boarding instead.

First though, Leora and James tried to go for a swim, but the undertow and push from the waves was so strong James got knocked down a few times and Leora had a difficult long hike back in - trying to avoid the undertow.

The boys then headed out in 12-14' waves and did some boogie boarding for about an hour or so and then the folks stayed at the beach and James, Spence and I headed back to the condos.

We caught up about a half hour later and went to Walmart, then lunch at Burger King, drinks at Starbucks and then we went to watch the surfers for a bit.

We returned home about 3pm and then I started uploading the 1286 pictures I took - poor Spence, it took 3 hours and no internet was available during that time.  He was patient (although complained a bit) and now he's back on the internet and I'm off to bed as I have to get up at 3am for a webinar.

Day at the beach (boogie board rather than snorkel)

Yes, those waves were actually 12-14' tall

Yesterday was a stay at home rest day - Spence spent time with his dad (pool, card games, walking, catching up) and I got to get some chores and work done.  We all met up for supper at grama & grampa's and then headed off to Fred's for their Saturday taco special.  After supper James, Spencer and I walked over to the dive shop to figure out our diving for this coming week and left empty handed as the store was closed.

We all went back to grama & grampa's and while James, Spence, grama & grampa played Risk, auntie read her book and I searched the internet for a good dive - lucked out and found a dive/snorkel combo so we could all go.  We'll be going to the Coral Gardens on the west side of the island and while James, Spence and I dive, Leora, grama and grampa will snorkel.  For my other dive, I decided on a beach dive and we'll do Makena landing to hunt down some sharks for our photo album.

I hope to do some surfing this week too - but time is tight as I lose most of Monday to a webinar I have to complete before year end so I get enough professional education credits to keep my designations :)

Today we'll be going to the beach to snorkel and boogie board - should be a blast as the waves are up still and should be fun for Spence.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Diving with the Sharks

We had booked a shark tank dive at the aquarium here in Maui - it has a catch / release program which is great to see.  They have a 750,000 gallon tank where they currently house 23 types of sharks/rays.  The team that works with these animals are awesome - we met our dive master (Scott) who is a biologist and works with the sharks and we had John helping us out (also a dive master).  

They did a behind the scenes tour of how and what they do - very cool.  They talked about how the Hawaiian people believe sharks are special and are the totem animal for a lot of clans.  They bless each shark that arrives and leaves (alive or dead) and they name each Tiger shark that is captured based on the capture circumstances.  The current one's name is Hina.

Not only was this educational, but it was a BLAST.  The animals pretty much left us alone, except during traffic jams, sometimes we'd get bumped or if they wanted the muscles we were holding for them...of course there was the very curious hammerhead - just kept circling......he was awesome.  No touchy, touchy though - unless they were sleeping on the ground, then you could come pet them on the back.  The rays were ok to pet, as long as you came to them from the front or underside where they could see you or otherwise you'd get stung with their stingers (which are left in tact because they are released eventually back to the wild).

our friendly hammerhead

feeding our moochy eagle ray friend

really up close and personal

grama, grampa and auntie were watching from the other side

got bumped by this guy in a traffic jam

flying right above my head, a ray

Spence enjoyed getting his dad and then spending some quality time with the Dahl part of the family.  I decided I was wiped and went to bed at 9:30 HI time .... trying to stay on Calgary time the whole trip.

Today our plans are pretty much hang out, maybe a bit of beach/pool time but not much else.  Spence is going to spend some time with his dad, which I know he will enjoy and I'm going to get some of my overdue work done today as well.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost time to get Spence up for our dive at the aquarium.  We are doing the shark tank dive today - 40 min (if I don't get too cold) in the 750,000 gallon tank with sharks, then we plan to head to Lahaina for lunch with the folks and a bit of walking/shopping.

Tonight we're doing spaghetti and then Spence is off with grampa and auntie to grab his dad from the airport.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It was our really big beach day - well, not intentionally.

We started by heading off to the surfing beach at 9:30 - but it really was a beginner beach.  No one actually had to paddle, you waited for a swell and then stood up on the 12' board you rented from the surf shack....needless to say the two shorter boards we own, were not meant for that.  Spence then stepped on something sharp and cut his foot - so we were done.

I took him home, put his leg up and told him to let me know if it swells or turns red...all good though.

I turned back around and headed out to the beach to meet up with grama, grampa & auntie and then stayed for a few hours to get some sun.

When I got home, we chilled and then headed off to the dive shop to get the gear we will need for tomorrow and then off to Maui Tacos for supper.  When we got home, I packed all our gear for tomorrow and found out my dive socks went missing - which is a bummer as I love those socks - they fit and it is hard to fit my little feet.  So I had to get a pair of socks which are way too big but were the smallest the dive shops carry - not what I need, but it'll have to do.

All packed for tomorrow, pics loaded up on facebook and now it's time to get a bit of work done before my midnight conf call with a client.

supper - 2 tacos + taquito platter - for Spence

At Molokini - on the wall (300' depth, we maxed out at 70')

White tip shark

Going down the anchor line to the St. Anthony wreck

Me trying to take pics of Spence in the wreck

The world from 50' below