Saturday, December 22, 2012

We relaxed most of the day today, it is appie night - so we all pretty much ate until we were stuffed while watching one of the Starwars shows.

Friday, December 21, 2012

With the start of the holiday season, we decided to make our last school day an easy one.  We started off by going to Corbin's for half the day - we got there around 10am and stayed until near 2pm.  Rebecca was a terrific host as usual and made pasta for lunch and gave me some of her great crab apple jelly.  The boys were in/out all day - Spence trying a donair for the first time.

Once home, Spence did his teeny bit of school - math (word problems today), printing, reading & drums.  He vacuumed the top floor for me, while I ran to the optometrist for my annual appointment.

Spence and I had left overs for supper - mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken for him and stuffing for me.  Donna and I are heading out for coffee later tonight and James is out with the gang from work.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It was volunteer day - so off we went at 8:35 and were there by 8:50 - must be the holiday season.  I was at my clients by 9am and grabbed Spence just after 1pm.  We came home and did a bit of training and playing with Karma - then headed off to the optometrist.

Spence got in right away - 40 minutes later and he was out and I was still I asked if they forgot about me and they admitted they had - I was on the list, but got missed.  I rescheduled so that Spence wouldn't have to wait for me and we headed home.

Spence and James went off to the Hobbit for movie night and I'm off to Krav tonight.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy past few days.....

Monday was Percy, figuring out where to sit for the Hobbit (James & Spence are heading out on Thursday night for that), finishing up the essay, spelling, printing, drums, math, silent reading and then cleaning up a bit.  The afternoon was restful at least and after James got home, I headed out with Nicole for coffee & to pick up some honey I had ordered from a local producer - man does it taste good.

Tuesday was Percy, we finished watching an episode of our current anime (Fairytails), then math quiz, spelling, printing and then it was time to head to the orthodontist for my new arch wires and then off to sports class - which was the last for this session and Spence decided he'd sign up for the other two winter sessions because he liked the girls who came to class (hm....he really has become a teenage boy).  Then we went to Eau Claire to grab a gift that Donna wanted to get John - but as they are together most of the time, she had me pick it up so that it would be a surprise.  Then off we went to drum practice and finally home.  Once home, I got organized and left early to grab my forgotten ketchup (went grocery shopping earlier in the day and forgot ketchup), grab a tea and then head to class early so that I could see if the teacher got my gi in....well he did, but it was too big (long, etc) and so he's ordering the next size down and it should be here by early January when classes start up again.  Class was great - we did knife work - what not to do and what to do, figured out the guys had an easier time disarming than the girls as there are no boobs to get in your way - but we all learned to work around that particular disability :)  Two girls in my class are super fit and they are scary good at this stuff - they were working with the guys and would beat them almost every time - small ladies too.

Today was another busy day - but not as busy as originally planned.  Spence got up with a sore throat and headache and a bit of a fever/cough - so I put him on a bit of meds and we let Donna know we would be skipping our weekly visit with them today so that we wouldn't pass on whatever Spence had just in case it wasn't a quick cold/flu.  I let Spence have a bit more sleep after breakfast and then we started with Percy, printing, we read up on the gladiators in our history book, then math, silent reading, drum practice and spelling.  I was going to do driving practice with Spence, but thought I better not and make sure he's good for tomorrow's volunteer day.  He was feeling better by 3 or so.  In the meantime, the electrician came and installed new plugs above the fireplace and we discovered why it was always so cold around the fireplace - no insulation.  I also went off for a lunch meeting with a client and then popped into Home Depot on the way home to grab some plates for the electrical outlets and a closet rod that I was missing.  Made it home and started on supper - Moroccan stew with quinoa and teff crepes - James is out with some friends, so Spence and I took advantage and made stuff James wouldn't eat.  The tagine from grama comes in handy for this stuff and Spence and I love the food.

Now it's time to relax and prep for tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2012