Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Well today started with me heading off to the dentist for extractions - 4 of them, with 12 needles and 2 of them still hurt a bit :(...gotta say though, the advil/tylenol combo he has me on every 3 hours has been good for the pain relief offered.  No hard foods for 3 days and no brushing past my teeth that were taken out to make room....he said over the next two or three months I should see a huge improvement as my teeth have room to shift and the brackets won't keep popping off - in fact he was happy he could take them out now as they were already behind other teeth and it would have been harder to take them out later on - yay.

James had stayed home and driven me there and back and then left for work.  I managed the bleeding gums and let Spence sleep as I couldn't talk.  I cancelled my appointments for the day where I had to talk and only did one call where I could listen in.

Spence in the meantime, got up on his own around 9am and made himself teriyaki steak and steamed rice for breakfast before tackling school today.  No Percy as that would have required me talking and no spelling for the same reason.  The math was fairly straight forward and he's looking to work on ratio to decimal conversion now as he want's to get more practice in that area.  He did his drums, silent reading, printing, essay editing and some history research for his essay.  Then it was Karma training time and finally video game time.

When he was done school, I headed off to my doc's for a follow up visit on my health - all good.  The boys headed out for indoor golf and Cactus Club tonight and I chilled with the dogs for most of that.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesdays have been a pretty easy day for us since Sports Class started.  We did Percy Jackson, silent reading, printing, spelling and math quiz today.

I ran off to the orthodontist and instead of 20 minutes I was there an hour - 3 tries to get the brackets to stick and then 3 people to get the wires back on - my teeth don't want to be straight apparently.  Tomorrow I do my extractions, so they only did partial wires today - it'll be a fun day tomorrow :)

We left for sports class as soon as I got home and were about 15 min late - turns out we have to check next week to see if there will be a class as there weren't enough kids there today.  We then went to Edo Japan for Spencer's lunch he ate a whopping $20 worth of food! I just about fell over - that's a lot of food.  Then it was off to grab our fixed vacuum cleaner and then off to drum practice.

We came home afterwards, unloaded groceries and the vacuum - then we did the baby oil experiment he wanted to try - not exactly like on the youtube video, but still cool.


Dinner is taco's (it is Tuesday after all) and then it's off to Close Quarter Combat class.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday was relax day and get the tree finished (new lights required) and then James headed off to Greg's for a movie night.

Today, I got Spence up and we headed off to our optometrists appt and found out they moved our appt but no one notified us because of my do not remind note on my file (they call 3 or more times before you come in) I rescheduled and we came home.  Spence was still uber tired and went back to sleep right away (I think he's still got that cold/flu).  Karma in the meantime went for her first dog walker walk - they do pack training and off leash training - so that was good.  She had a great time and was tied to another dog who has good recall the entire time - played for 2 hrs straight - came home and went to sleep.

Spence then did his math (still working through ratios - he's getting the examples right, but still doesn't feel he's got it the way he we'll continue with ratios for a little bit longer), printing, silent reading, drums, spelling and Percy Jackson.  He decided he couldn't really focus on his essay editing today, so we'll leave that for tomorrow.

Now it's chill time until we head off to the dentist for him to get his teeth checked and cleaned after his braces have come off.