Saturday, December 01, 2012

Been a busy few days.  Thursday we did the museum volunteer work and then grama got Spence and they went to see a movie together after a quick lunch. James was out celebrating the pre-ufi marks with the folks at work and I worked at the office most of the day - except for the 2 hours I went to the ortho to put on my braces.

Friday we did school, Spence got ready for volleyball and we met up with grama at the volleydome.  Spence said he didn't have a great game, but he did have fun chatting it up with the two girls he likes - he got hi-fives from them and they talked to him - so he was all good.  The dog walkers folks came by to interview Karma and to talk about what they would be doing and we set up next Monday as our first day - they come get her and drop her off - pretty cool.  We'll reduce daycare days and see how it all goes.  James ended up staying out for the ufi-party (all 3 folks passed) and I went out for coffee with my h/s mom friends for our monthly get together.  Spence in the meantime started feeling unwell and ended up throwing up through part of the night - so no parkour for him today.

Today is going to be rest day - I woke up with a headache and dry eyes and of course my mouth is all cut up from the braces and Spence said he's feeling better - but not great.  Lots of rest and hopefully by tomorrow or Monday we'll be good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

James was sick today, so he stayed in bed and worked on getting better.  Spence and I started school just after 9am.  We started with Percy Jackson during breakfast, then looked at a science show on UTube - it's baby oil in a glass jar and then you add baby oil to the beaker and it becomes virtually invisible.  Pretty cool, we're trying it on Friday :)

Then silent reading, math (division & ratios), printing, drum practice, spelling, essay and then lunch / shower for Spence.

We headed off to Jonathan's for the afternoon and after I dropped him off I came home to work.  He came home just after 5pm and we got ready to head off for dinner with grama & grampa.

We had dinner at Home Tasting Room - which was great.  We dropped off grama & grampa on the way home and are now watching some TV and chilling.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So yesterday was a very long - but fun day.  Rhonda had opened up her farm to the homeschoolers and the teens had a ton of fun.

Everything from tag, to tobogganing to dancing and trampolining.  About 7 hours of straight PE type activities.  Karma was along and her day was just as busy - 4 collies to play with all day.

Today was just as busy - I let Spence sleep in until 9 and we read Percy and did math & spelling.  He took his shower and then we headed out for the day.

Sports class - while I got groceries, then off to the tofu truck and drum lessons.  I dropped Spence off and headed to the orthodontist - my elastics snapped and I had to get them in again - I thought only one snapped - but 4 of them did.

Tonight it was taco night for Spence, perogies for James (who is still sick) and grilled cheese for me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The weekend flew by - James was working on Saturday and went skiing today with Graeme.  Spence and I chilled and I got caught up on chores around the house.

Last night we went out to Kinjo's - it was disappointing as our food was delivered with no rhyme or reason and after 40 minutes we were still waiting on one dish.  The refills were non-existant and so we decided we wouldn't go there on a weekend again.

Tonight is freezer night - Spence wanted chicken wings and left over pizza, not sure if James'll eat with us as he's still out with Graeme and I'm going to make soup for me.