Friday, November 23, 2012

It was a busy day and Spence must be done growing for a bit because he got up on his own around 8:30.

We started with drums, then he worked on his essay and then we did spelling, math (problem solving - his least favorite type of math), printing, he did a social studies test on exam bank - got 50% of them right, which isn't bad considering the test was all about the Native Indians and their history - which we have not covered since Grade 5.  Then I did a review of his essay while he ate lunch and he had a break before we headed out to volleyball practice.

Volleyball was good - a solid hour of drills & games and then it was time to head home, walk the dogs, order pizza and relax.

James came home and now we're off to see Silver Linings Playbook.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spence started off with Percy, then math quiz, spelling, reading up on the gladiators, he did drums next and then got ready for the orthodontist.  He got his braces off today!!!!! it's so weird seeing him without his braces - clean white teeth without metal.  When we got home, he finished school by working on his essay.

Tonight the boys went off to see a movie and have dinner and I headed out with a few friends for BD celebration downtown over dinner.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We started off with - I need more sleep!  So he went back to sleep till almost 9am.  I got Spence up for breakfast and in the middle of it he spent a good 20 min in the bathroom and came out pasty faced and moaning a bit.  He already had a stuffed nose when he got up and a bit of a headache - so I figured we were pretty much done.

I finished ready Percy Jackson and then sent him back to bed.  He chilled in bed with a bit of TV and lots of Hunter snuggles and while I headed out to run some errands he felt well enough to attempt school again.

He managed to finished almost all of it - drums, math, reading, printing and spelling.  He asked if he could skip both essay writing and history today and then chilled some more on the bed.

He was feeling better by 1:30 and asked since he finished almost all of school - could he play some video games.  I figured since he did almost all of it on his own and although he was still pale, he seemed to be better after taking meds and resting.

Hoping by tomorrow he's all better as it's take off the braces day - we hope!

Tonight I went out with Joanne and tried Close Quarter Combat training - a self defense class and boy was that a workout.  Lots of kicking, punching and blocking - hand eye coordination is good to have (I have none) and even though I sucked big time, I had a great time.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Spence said he wanted to be up by 8:30....then he rolled over and told me to go away in no uncertain terms.  He did get up though a short time later and decided he needed a bath and to do school throughout the day.

So after a very long bath - he got out and started on school.  He started with printing & reading, then did his math and spelling.  We read some Percy Jackson and then he practiced his drums and worked on his essay.

We had Ashley over today to help work with Karma and we're moving forward with less anxiety on Karma's part.  We had other dogs around today when we went outside and Ashley was showing me how to get Karma to focus on me - so that will be our new homework for the next few months.  Spence and I will continue to work with her.  We are seriously looking at some tracking training for her in the spring or agility - Ashley thought tracking might be better - more mental stimulation to wear her out, so we'll look at that come March or April.

Tonight we're doing Curried chicken with rice and James will be doing his guitar lesson if he's ok - he's been coming down with a nasty cold (that we hope not to get) and has been feeling a bit under the weather.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Between parkour, lunch out, working and chillin - the weekend just flew by.